Monday, April 25, 2016

White Noise, Blue Lights and More...

by M. J. Joachim

Ah, the end of another long day, a day when you've spent way too much time distracted by modern technology, to the point of sometimes tuning out moments in life playing out directly in front of your eyes. Oh, you're there when they happen alright, just not exactly 100%, because even if you aren't on your computer, tablet or cell phone, your mind is still wondering who you need to connect with next, which author's book you should read and review next, who might be contacting you - be it family, friend or Internet acquaintance, whether or not it's your turn to make a word on Words with Friends and if you'll still maintain your leading edge there, because even though it's one more thing on your list of things to do, you love that game and have a wonderful time playing it.

Much more than all the white noise, blue light and technology though, you LOVE your family. You think about your grandkids all the time, often smiling about them when they aren't even around. You also positively adore your husband. He's your undeniable best friend and you know you've been blessed beyond measure with him at your side, your kids in your corner and your grandkids who wouldn't know what to do without their Grammy. Your kids are still the best kids any mother was ever blessed to give birth to. As much as they work hard to drive you crazy at times, or call you out on your bullshit and quirks, these kids love you as much as you love them, and despite the little (and sometimes bigger) things they do to tick you off, ruffle your feathers or push your buttons, you know God took it easy on you when he brought all of these phenomenal people together and made them one family.

This is a glimpse of my life in recent weeks, as I stare at the ceiling in the middle of the night, attempting to wind down with my blood racing and a certain odd feeling I can only describe as tingling from staying on my devices too late into the night. It's a mental note to shut down relax after dinner, turn everything off, because just like caffeine, white noise and blue light are adrenalin boosters, charging my system and sometimes putting it on overload.

I won't do it, of course. Not with so many book review requests waiting in the wings and being sent via email, not with so many people challenging my word sense and keeping things interesting on the game. I'll cut back, making sure I don't work on my books and blogs when everyone else gets home from work and wants to hang out as a family. I only work on those when the babies aren't here, or when they nap while I'm babysitting them, so cutting back should be easy enough, provided I make it a top priority and bust my butt to break any and all bad habits that would attempt to sabotage my efforts.

So the hubs and I took a few hours and visited Bartlett Lake, Carefree and Cave Creek AZ yesterday. We drove with the windows down most of the way. I tied my hair up in a scarf so it wouldn't keep covering my face and I could see the scenery. It's been a long time since we were up that way, and things have changed. Small town AZ is definitely growing. I'm okay with it. The world and life need to do that sometimes. We ate at a famous restaurant called The Horny Toad - named after a lizard, so don't get the wrong idea. They have quite a few gluten free options, I was thrilled I wasn't limited to salad minus dressing. Instead I had potato skins for an appetizer, a horny toad burger on a gluten free bun and potato salad. Talk about dining out on the fly, and finding exactly what the customer with celiac ordered. It was delicious!

The above photo was taken at Bartlett Lake yesterday. I was amazed by all the yellow hues in the scenery everywhere we went. Even the flowers were yellow or white with yellow tints in them. Notice the rock formations in this photo - there were so many around the lake, and almost all of them looked like they'd been painted by someone with yellow. I didn't touch up the photo or change it in any way, so you can see how the yellow hues seem to glow on their own merit. It's fascinating and beautiful, and it caught me by surprise, but then it is spring here, and yellow is one of our more predominant colors this time of year. We haven't had much rain, which usually brings out more of the green and blue hues in our natural surroundings. It was also the middle of the day. Sunrise and sunset bring out the orange and red colors.

Time to wrap this up now. I've worked overtime to finish reading that book I started last week, and I need to review it and couple of children's books on my other blog. Then I need to work on my books, before I do some thorough cleaning around here. Time's a wasting and the day is getting away from me before I blink my eyes to see what time it is.

Please email me with any comments regarding this post.  I was attempting to keep a diary on my other blog, all on one single page there. This is so much easier, because my posts are logged and it's easy to look at them individually, instead of scrolling down without any reference to what I wrote about, which as a writer can come in handy when you're working on other projects. That's another reason I started this blog, to be just a tiny bit more organized.

Thanks again for stopping by,

M. J.

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