Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pressing the Easy Button...

by M. J. Joachim

This is me, pressing the easy button and trying to do a bit of consolidating on my blogs. Truth is, I've thought about doing something like this for a long time, and between all the hemming and hawing, plus living life, never quite made it a big enough priority. Fast forward a few years, a couple of sad ones where the notion of having both my parents off in the next realm of life, a place that hopefully is more beautiful than words can possibly describe, became a major life adjustment, add in two beautiful grandkids and a to do list that keeps getting longer, even though my life is probably more simple than it's been in years, and this is the result, a brand new blog, creating a brand new window, albeit probably a little bit dirty at times, "I don't do windows. Wait. Yes I do, just not as often as I need to." And Voila! You now have everything it takes to immerse yourself in M. J.'s world too.

Blogging didn't turn out to be the nice passive income I thought it might. More like pennies in a jar that keeps swallowing them up, making it impossible to earn enough to put gas in the car, let alone fill anyone's piggy bank. Perhaps that's why they call it piggy. I don't know. The fact is that if blogging and writing were about the money, I'd have given up long ago and gotten a real job. But then you already know that, since you're likely in the same situation - caught between what you know  you must do to keep your sanity, working your a** off in too many other areas of your life and pretty much squeezing in a few moments to throw up a blog post now and then, in vain, all because hey, it's one form of writing that doesn't require a long term investment. Well, sort of, but not really, because on one hand, you're writing on an island, putting your work in the floating glass bottle that quickly flows away to where you do not know, and enjoying the fact that although you are still in your proverbial bubble, you're still at one with the universe sharing your thoughts and ideas in turn.

Okay, so this is what it's come to. A life of doing what people do and finally having the courage to admit it. Might I also admit that the past isn't what it used to be. The future will always be an insatiable unknown, the present is this exact moment in time, a moment where my granddaughter is eating homemade, gluten free banana bread in the high chair, and I'm hurriedly trying to finish writing directly into this blog post, since as it happens, I get to play with my granddaughter for a couple hours while my girls go attend an orientation to further their education, so they can better help support their families.

Yes, it is grand! And I couldn't be happier! Which is why I'm doing what I'm doing with my blogs right now. You see, I've spent years dedicating myself to the content I publish, only to find myself being torn between two worlds, because the home front had a massive growth spurt, both in people departing from my life to enter their next phase, and in people entering my life to be part of this one. Growth in all directions as it were, and now my blogs must grow in turn, following suit and becoming one with my world in an easier, more manageable way.

So there you have it, the ramblings of M. J. Joachim, fondly known as Grandma T. on the home front. Ah life! And then we move on...

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