Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Log Cabin Pattern Crochet Blanket

by M. J. Joachim

This is my current crochet project. The idea is to make a huge square of single crochet, and then use the log cabin quilting pattern, to single crochet strips around the edges, using coordinating colors that go well with my square.

I'm using 4-ply cotton crochet thread and  a size H hook. My starting chain was 85 chain stitches. My tail to start this blanket was very long, and I've taken great pains to wrap around it, thereby eliminating the need to weave it in when the blanket is finished.

I like the idea of combining the beauty of quilting with crochet, and plan to make more projects, using quilt square patterns as my guide. Since I'm not much of a seamstress, though I have made a few quilts in the past, I will get the best of both worlds this way. Plus, it's very easy to sit and single crochet mindlessly, as opposed to following or creating a new pattern, though I'm sure I'll be doing that too, since it truly is something I thoroughly enjoy.

That's all for now, as I'm almost finished reading an interesting book I need to review, and I'd like to get a bit of reading in before my granddaughter wakes up from her nap.

Wishing you only good things, my friends. May you have the most wonderful day!

M. J.

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Photo credit:  M. J. Joachim, ©2016 All Rights Reserved