Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Contributing to the Shared Life of M. J. Joachim

by M. J. Joachim

As it turns out, Adsense, even though I've had it for years, isn't all that easy to add to a brand new blog. Faithful customer that I am, a woman who easily has earned Google more than a few of those proverbial pennies in the piggy bank mentioned in my previous blog post, pennies I wish I'd see more of, but gave up on that idea because Google is my platform and it gets the lion's share of anything I might attempt to earn here, I press the adsense gadget to no avail, since this new blog is not approved for adsense yet, and must go through some sort of screening process before I can apply it here.

My granddaughter finished in the high chair. I cleaned her up, changed her diaper, had a tickle fest with her and together we hugged and rocked her baby in the rocking chair. Lightbulb!!! I have a Contributor Badge on my Writing Tips blog. Who needs adsense anyway? All I have to do is copy the code in a text gadget and add it to this blog. That way, if people want to add pennies to my my piggy bank they can, and I don't have to do anything else at all. It can be a grand experiment to see which one earns more, adsense or contributor. Plus, it definitely qualifies as being easier than wondering when or if adsense will approved letting me place ads on this new blog. Plug it and leave it. I'm game, and since my granddaughter went down for nap, I'm also done - posted in the top right hand corner, you can choose to add this blog to the list of those you contribute to, or not. I'm good either way, though I do enjoy earning and saving pennies now and then, even if they are far and few between, so I definitely hope you'll add this blog to your list of those you choose to contribute to.

Onto the next thing I'd like to share with you about this blog. I'm going to be adding pages of all the things I can think of that pertain to my world. Many of them will have links of all the other things I've done like crochet tutorials, book reviews, recipes etc. Each page will be updated added to in turn, based on the new content I plan to continue publishing on this vast world we love called the Internet, more specifically this blog called M. J. Joachim's World, which could easily be considered M. J.'s command central, the place where you will be able to find anything and everything publicly published by M. J. Joachim, along with all that other stuff called life, where you can get to know me on a more personal, intimate level.

It's going to take some time, and life has a way of taking detours, but patience is the key. If you ride this wave with me, you'll personally be privy to an inside look at the life and times of M. J. Joachim, author, wife, mother, grandmother, artist, friend and more. I'm putting it all out there folks, tearing down the walls and opening the flood gates. This is my world, and I'm only too happy to share a glimpse of it with you!

So there you have it, the ramblings of M. J. Joachim, fondly known as Grandma T. on the home front. Ah life! And then we move on...

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