Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Blog Learning Curves and Celebrating Amanda's Birthday

by M. J. Joachim

Blogging has been a bit of a roller coaster ride with me, in part because of the learning curve, but more importantly, because somehow many of my blog posts (on five blogs, I might add) become troublesome, giving me problems since I published them. I've read that part of this can be blamed on links and other things that the platform doesn't necessarily support. In vain I would try to fix them, knowing full well that I should simply focus on transferring the content to a clean blog, eventually dismissing any further issues with them. So if you see a sudden burst of activity here on this blog, a rapid succession of posts from a similar topic, it might be because I'm tired of fighting with whatever bug ails my other blogs, and I'd like to start fresh, eliminating the possibility of any bugs bothering them at all.

I've read so many things over the years indicating blog hops and shady links play a huge roll in messing with one's blog. I've also read that uploading pictures can be a problem, which is one reason I switched to screen shots quite a while ago. But I was not a purist way back when, hopping everywhere and more than likely hitting on a bad link that somehow tainted my blogs, or inadvertently including a faulty link somewhere along the line. Without the tech savvy to figure out what, when, how, why or even who (if there is a 3rd party involved), I'm left to doing the grunt work. This isn't the only huge writing project I'm undertaking, btw. But it is a bit overwhelming, nonetheless. Onward we go, in the quest to make blogging fun again, and a whole lot less work.

It's my daughter Amanda's 22nd birthday today. I can hardly believe she's that old already. Seems like not so long ago I was holding her in my arms, cuddling her close as an infant. She always did enjoy being in my arms,  and now she gets to hold her own little one in her arms, having given birth to her first child last February. Proud mom of her that I am, it seems only fitting to share with you a bit about her delightful personality and how it has made our family all the more special.

Amanda was and remains the family clown. She's a comedian in her own right, though a bit shy and reserved too. You wouldn't have known that last Thanksgiving, when I personally thought she might give birth out by the fire pit. A lull formed as everyone was mesmerized by the flames. Then someone suggested putting on some music, and whoa, Amanda came alive dancing with moves that had us all in stitches. Add in her hysterically funny verbal comedy routine, as she experimented with the lyrics using a multitude of voices and sounds few of us had ever heard before, and well, that's my Amanda, the life of our party and a joy to claim as my own!

It's just one of the many reasons I love this family and my life so much!

So there you have it, the ramblings of M. J. Joachim, fondly known as Grandma T. on the home front. Ah life! And then we move on...

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